Orders can be placed through our website as normal and we are following guidelines to ensure customers and our staff are kept safe.

Please note, shipping will take longer than usual as we have a backlog in order fulfilment and courier deliveries may be delayed as well. Please bear with us and we'll get your package of aim'n love to you as soon as possible.

If you wish to contact us regarding your order, please email info@aimn.co.nzand our Customer Happiness team will be able to help you out. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Returns can now be shipped back to us as normal. If you can't send your return, we have extended our Returns Policy and will accept returns 30 days after the Level 4 lockdown has lifted. Please hold on to your product and send it when possible. Returns will be processed on a first-in, first-out basis. Processing times will take longer than usual as our facilities have been shut for a couple of weeks. Please bear with us and we'll get in touch about your returns as soon as possible. 

If you wish to contact us regarding your order, please email return@aimn.co.nz and our Customer Happiness team will be able to help you out. We will get back to you within 48 hours.



My parcel hasn't arrived yet, what do I do?

- If your purchase has not arrived within the target delivery, please send us an email at info@aimn.co.nz. What we do is provide you with the shipment-/tracking number.

DHL Express takes 1-2 working days (exceptions for rural areas) to arrive.

If the parcel has still not arrived and are 5 working days over the target delivery, what we do is start an investigation with our carrier. Rest assured that in the end you will receive your purchase even if we just end up sending you a new one!



What shipping service to you use?

- In Australia we use DHL Express shipping 🙌

Read more about shipping here.




I would like to return an item for exchange/refund, how would I go about that?

- As long as the return is valid and matches the criteria for our return policy, we are happy to accept a return.

Please fill out the returns form that came with your order and send it to our company address listed. If you don’t have the return form, please just write your name, email address, order number and reason for return on a piece of paper. Don't forget to contact us prior to the return! 🙏


Do you offer free returns?

- We do not offer free returns unfortunately. Your return can be sent the cheapest way possible and in the same plastic bag, it came with. This will save you a $ or two and will be better for our lovely environment. ♻️

Okay, got it! How much does it cost to return?

- The return cost varies depending on size, weight and distance. Normally it costs around approximately: $12-19 AUD for standard shipping.
(These prices are not guaranteed, simply a guideline and can differ at any time.)

Have you received my return yet?

- If you have not received a confirmation email from us, we have not processed your return yet. The post can be a bit slow sometimes as it can sometimes take 2-3 weeks for a returns to reach us.


I can see that my return has been delivered, when will it be processed?

- If the tracking status of your return states ‘delivered’, kindly keeps in mind that if it's been delivered in the afternoon it may take an extra working day for us to process it. We do our very best to process returns as fast as possible and I bet you'll hear back from us soon! 😘


Can I return different orders in the same package?

- Absolutely! Just make sure to fill out the order numbers and information for both your orders on the return form. So that we easily can process your return once we receive it.

Read more about returns here.




I'm unsure what size to choose, what should I do?

- Our products are true to size so you can often go for your usual size. However, all bodies are different so don't forget to check out our size guide and measurements 😊 Feel free to email us for extra advice but we normally recommend going down a size if you feel like you are in between. Worst case, we can always arrange for an exchange if necessary!


My tribe tights are a bit tight on the thighs and calves, should I exchange for a bigger size?

-All our Tribe tights are designed with our stylish tape on the thighs and calves. As you found, the first time that you put them on, the tapes can feel a little bit tight around the legs. But the tape will conform to your body after 1-3 uses and won't feel so tight over time! So if the tights feels good overall, you don't need to exchange for a bigger size.


Do you sell plus size tights?

- Our biggest sizes are L and XL, please just keep in mind that our tights are very stretchy and to choose the smaller size of the two if you are in-between.


What is your smallest size in tights?

- Our smallest size is currently XS. We will start introducing XXS soon as we have a larger Chinese market than previously and also so that we have sizes for petite women as well!


Do you have any special size recommendations for any shorter girls?

- We don’t have any tight in particular for shorter women, but do keep in mind that the length of the tights will decrease if you go down a size. You can also easily fold up the hems or take the tights in for alterations. We’ll introduce ¾ tights very soon so please stay tuned! 😘


An item that I love and can’t wait to buy is out of stock, how long will it take for it to be back?

- Generally we are quite on to it with refilling stock, make sure to head over to the product page and fill out your email to receive a notification once the product is back in stock.

Find our size charts here.  




I was going through a purchase and noticed some additional charges and/or that the price changed slightly, what is this?

- We don’t have any additional charges except shipping costs. The currency that we trade with is the Australian Dollar and any amount in other currencies is a live conversion that may change slightly depending on the exchange day to day. When it comes down to it, you will pay the amount displayed in your currency if you complete the order at that time 😊


How does LayBuy work?

- LayBuy allows you to split your payments in 6 parts over 6 weeks! Easy & fast and you don’t have to wait until it’s fully paid to receive the order.


How does Afterpay work?

- Afterpay allows you to split your payments in 4 parts, due every fortnight! Easy & fast and you don’t have to wait until it’s fully paid to receive the order.


I tried to make a purchase but it didn’t work, can you help?

- Sorry to hear that you are having issues with our website! Please email our team at info@aimn.co.nz with a screen shot so that we can look further into the issue. If you haven't yet tried this, please try again on another browser and/or device. That can sometimes do the trick! 👍🏻




We have a large range of products! Tights, sportbras/crops, t-shirts, singlets, tank tops, crop t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sweat shorts, crop sweatshirts, crop hoodies and more!




Are your tights suitable for all body shapes?

- We are really proud of what we have created 😊 But in the end it is always up to what the customer think! Feel free to read the product reviews and check out our tribe on the tag #aimn wearing our pieces 💕


Are the tights sweat-proof?

- All our tights have moisture wicking properties, leaving you looking dry and fab after a workout! 😘


Are the tights squat-proof?

Squat tested and approved by many ladies in our aim’n tribe! 🙌


Are all your tights full-length?

- At this stage, yes. But stay tuned for ¾ tights very soon!


Can you please tell me where you products are made?  

- Our tights are designed with love in Southern Sweden and manufactured in Southern China 💕


Do you have maternity tights?

- Not in a sense that they are only for pregnant women, but all our high waisted tights would be perfectly comfortable for any baby bump! Our co-founder and designer used her aim’n tights during her pregnancy 😍🤰


Can men wear aim’n tights?

- Our tights are made and designed for the women body, so our tights would not be suited to fit a man, unfortunately! We hope to perhaps introduce a few pieces for men in the future.




Which crops have in-built padding?

-Our Open Back Crops, Burgundy Crop, Green Crop, Navy Crop, White Crop, Strength Short Sleeve Crop, Strength Zip Crop and White Zip Crop all have padding. These can also be removed after personal preference 😊


Which one of you crops with no padding, has a pocket to insert your own cups?

- Our non-padded crops (All Black Crop, All White Crop, White Strength Long Sleeve Crop) does not have extra pockets for you to add your own cups. However, you can easily wear one of our sportbras underneath for extra support!


Mini Tights:


Do you have mini tights for boys?

- Our Mini tights work well on all genders 😍 We have many little boys wearing the Green or Grey Melange Mini tights in particular x


Do you offer tween sizes?

- At this stage, our Mini collection go up to a size 4 with size 5 coming soon.




Our swimwear are small in sizes so if anyone are in-between size and need help choosing, it’s good to recommend to go up 1 size for the best fit. We don’t allow for returns on swimwear for hygienic reasons.


Is the swimsuit suitable for large busted women?

Suitable for all body types! Just keep in mind that if you are in-between sizes, going up 1 size will provide more coverage as it is a cheeky swimsuit! 😉


Does your bikini tops have removable padding?

- All our bikini tops have internal removable padding! Just not the swimsuit.


Does your swimsuits have removable padding?

- No, they don’t. If you’re after swimwear with removable padding, look no further than our bikini tops


What sizes would you recommend in you bikini tops depending on cup size?

A: A cup = XS

B cup = S-M

C cup = M-L

D cup = L-XL


Sizes are always hard in bikini tops as all bodies are different and sometimes the correct cup size may depend on you under-chest measurements. For more personal recommendation, please don't hesitate to reach out to our crew at info@aimn.co.nz




Does your duffle bags have extra inner pockets?

- Our duffle bags have one handy side pocket on the outside as well as an extra small, pocket on the inside to keep valuables safe.


Does your gymbags have extra inner pockets?

- No, they do not. It’s a simple bag perfect for going to the gym or even to the beach!


Does your water bottles have straws?

No, they don’t. It’s a simple twist lid that you can drink straight from to re-hydrate during a training session 💦




How do I care for my aim´ns when washing?

- Your aim'ns are manufactured of great quality to be with you for as many lovely adventures as possible. Wash your aim'ns inside- out, 30 degrees with no softener or bleaching.


Can I put the tights in the dryer?

- No, please don’t do this as it can weaken the compression in the tights! Instead, let hang dry!


Do I have to use a garment bag when washing my tights?

- It’s recommended to use a washing bag to protect your tights from other garments with hard parts or with Velcro. Treat your aim'n pieces with love and they'll last through many adventures!  


We hope this answers most of your questions, however do feel free to contact us at info@aimn.co.nz for clarifications or more information!


aim'n crew